Complete Website Package

This service is the only thing you need to get your website designed and up on the Internet. SheldonMartin designs, publishes, maintains, and administers your website letting you focus on running your business.

Design and Development:
Included in this service is a free one hour consultation in which we identify an internet strategy that will work for you. We discuss a variety of topics: goals for your website; identification of desired audiences, etc. We then submit several design proposals for your review and refine the selected design for development and testing.
Site Hosting and Administration:
We set up your account and host your site including email administration, database administration, backup, and log maintenance. We can also setup an FTP account for you to upload content to your site.
Domain Registration:
We register your domain for you and keep your information away from identity thieves and spammers. Your domain, however, remains your domain.
Routine Site Maintenance:
Included in our Complete Website Package is one day of maintenance per month. What can fit in one day? The completion of minor updates to a specials page, contact information updates, additions to schedules, and some minor graphic updates are a few examples of routine maintenance that fit into one day. In addition to SheldonMartin's maintenance, your site can also be designed to have some Client Maintained Features, such as a blog or calendar which you maintain yourself. As needed major updates is a separate service provided at an additional cost.
Search Engine Friendly
Each Complete Website includes elements that make your website search engine friendly. Not to be confused with Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Friendly includes simple, ethical design elements intended to help your audience find you. By implementing simple cost-effective techniques, you reach your intended audience at a fraction of the cost of full Search Engine Optimization.